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Your Economic Dashboard: The ISM® Report On Business®: Every year, ISM’s Utility Purchasing Management Group (UPMG), a special interest group focused on innovations in purchasing and materials management in the utilities industry, presents a conference that is recognized as one of the premier events for supply management practitioners in the utility industry. A breakout session was offered at UPMG2018 that educated attendees on the Report On Business and how they could use its information to better understand the economic landscape.

ISM's 2018 Salary Survey: The Thirteenth Annual Salary Survey finds that the average base compensation for all participating supply management professionals in 2018 was US$117,425, an increase of 1.7 percent compared to 2017. Intensifying competition and the drive for enhanced efficiency, coupled with an increasingly interdependent world economy wrestling with emerging political, international and natural risks, all dictate that forward-looking businesses look to and rely on the insights and strategies of supply management professionals. This need will increase the value organizations place on supply management expertise now and in the future.

Enhancing Your Supply Chain to Feed Growth: This article examines the prospects for growth in the manufacturing sector of the United States and how that may be related to the import and export of raw materials and semi-finished goods. Overall, it finds that 2014 is expected to be a good year for growth and that enterprises would do well to improve their supply chain capabilities to capitalize on upcoming opportunities.

Procurement and Sourcing: Moving From Tactical to Strategic: The objective of this research was to understand which items from a menu of recently emerging business priorities are the focus of executive attention now. Additionally, for each priority, we sought to understand key underlying dimensions of that business concern when possible.

Supply Chain Risk Management Plans: Current Practice and Application: This study provides a snapshot of the prevalence and use of supply chain risk management plans. Additionally, it describes the breadth (within tier) and depth (between tiers) of supplier coverage. Further, from a standard plate of risk management strategies, firms were asked to indicate which components they included in their plans.

Supply Management Perspectives and Implications for Increased LNG Export Levels: Since low cost natural gas is a contributing factor to supporting a US manufacturing renaissance, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) in conjunction with Spend Matters / MetalMiner, conducted a snap poll study to help provide insight into the potential price and volatility impact on manufacturing companies of unlimited LNG (liquefied natural gas) exports. The study offers an introductory hypothesis as well as a short analysis of current research available in addition to the insights gleaned from the ISM survey.
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