Paul Shik Lee, Jr.
Market Research and Data Analytics Leader
Delivering Understanding for Success
A consultative approach to achieving long-term success.


Managed the team responsible for daily execution of Report On Business panel management, data collection, analysis, and reporting. Led the development of medium and long term plans to extend and grow the Report On Business derivative products portfolio. The Report On Business is nationally recognized as a premier U.S. economic indicator. The monthly releases of results are followed by financial analysts, economists, and government officials.  Impact: An already successful program is being extended and new value is being created for the organization.

Designed collaboratively and directly managed the team running a nationwide hospital patient satisfaction certification program. Designed and executed plans for program benchmarking studies. This program provided client hospitals and hospital systems with prioritized recommendations on how to improve their customer experience.  Impact: Brought to market an exciting new product that raised the stature of the division. Product sales increased year-over-year during my five years of leadership.

Redesigned, upgraded, and improved national health plan member satisfaction study to generate more excitement among customers.  Designed a new sampling plan to increase breadth and depth of local and national coverage. Managed team of competitor vendors to deliver 250% more data than in the previous year.  Impact: Substantially increased visibility of product in the marketplace. Sales expectations increased to 200% of the previous year.

Led distributed team to ensure that deliverables would be timely produced to satisfy clients and fulfill obligations.  Guided the programming, data collection, analysis, production processes, and delivery of patient experience market research reports for hypertension, metabolic disorder, Alzheimer's, ED, IBD, hypercholesterolemia, and cancer.  Impact: Roughly $1,000,000 in revenue accounted for more than 67% of all revenue for the department that year.

Led team running a custom performance dashboard and inpatient satisfaction tracking system for a major Midwestern hospital system.  One of the lead concept designers during the development of the system.  Impact: Opened a new line of business for the division and developed a new capability for the firm.

Managed efforts to systematize and embed into production processes error-preventing attitudes, behaviors, and design principles.  Introduced new mindset of producing highly error-resistant work by designing in checks to help prevent errors.  Impact: The department became a role model for other groups and the quality of our work improved.

Collaborated with managers to create a formal training program and an informal training protocol.  New entry-level associates needed training in techniques and methods and indoctrination on the proper approaches to projects and assignments.  Impact: Our new associates were more satisfied with their work and we reduced the amount of errors and rework by 15%.

Led service-recovery efforts following a breach of confidentiality.  Advised management of the important error that had been made and formulated and presented remediation strategy and efforts.  Impact: The firm weathered a difficult situation and retained the client.

Rebuilt secondary research capability.  A dramatic dropoff in donations at a major non-profit forced the elimination of the department responsible for identifying, tracking, and networking existing and potential corporate and individual donors via secondary research.  Several years later, I was hired to rebuild and extend the donor research function.  Impact: A critical but absent capability was restored to the organization.

Expedited learning to support evaluation of business opportunities.  To understand an opportunity, mapping of potential service areas, company assets, and client assets was needed.  I identified a short list of appropriate software.  Although executives in IT and Data Management were concerned about the “steep learning curve” of Esri ArcGIS, within seven business days, I was producing complex maps for use by executive planners.  Impact: Executives were equipped with a better understanding of the environment.

Developed a model that helped decide the best ruleset. Developed a programmable computing model to demonstrate how different sets of rules would impact reported performance by looking at actual past operational data and rescoring that data under proposed definitions of success.  Impact: Management was able to choose a new, better definition of success that presented company efforts in a fair and positive light.

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